Woman Stríps Nake’d, Starts Dancing At Funeral


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dance-wenaMembers of BMW clubs across South Africa came in numbers to the funeral of skilled spinner, Bongani Makhubo (40) of Soshanguve, Tshwane.

As the cars spun around in circles, spectators cheered. Then a young woman took off her panties and began dancing in the middle of the spinning cars. But not everyone was pleased to see her waving her underwear in the air.
John Lelaka said: “People are allowed to celebrate but not in a way that disturbs other people’s peace.”
Bongani died last week after a short illness. The drivers respected the family during the formal burial ceremony at Soshanguve Cemetery. After the funeral, they had a spinning competition.
About 300 gusheshe engines roared and the smell of burning rubber filled the air at Spin City.
The funeral was attended by spinning clubs from Mpumalanga, Limpopo and Pretoria.
Puff Selotela, chairman of the Botsotso Social Club said : “This is a way of celebrating one of our own and honouring his love for the game of spinning.
“Spinning is not only a thug sport. We have attorneys, doctors and businessmen in our spinning clubs.
“We all do it for the love of it.”
Reikhutise Malala, a longtime friend of Bongani, said in his farewell message: “You taught me how to be humble and inspired me to venture into business. I will remember you for your charisma, bravery and passion.
“It is sad when someone dies and you never have the chance to tell them the impact they made on your life.
“I guess life is too short and we all need to live while we can.”

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