Video: Woman Has Maggots Removed From Her Rotten Vajina (Guys Stay Away From This Video)


woman-maggots-removed-from-her-vaginaThe video below shows exactly what the title says it does. And you thought you’ve seen it all…Download and watch

I do not know anything more about the video beyond what’s in the title, and that’s probably for the best. In brief, a woman came to see a doctor because her vagina was severely swollen with inflammation. The doctor found that she had a major maggots infestation party going on in there and proceeded to remove the larvae by picking them out one after another.

The patient appears to be a young woman, as her skin is not wrinkled up. It just doesn’t make any sense that a young woman would let wrong meaty things crawl between her labia.

I managed to find out more – this was the case of Myiasis caused by parasitic worms known in Brazil as Tapuru, or Berne. In English they are known simply as Botfly larvae. They are of the Dermatobia Hominis (the human botfly) family of flies. In Brazil these bot flies are known as mosca-varejeira.

The poor woman was probably bitten by an infected mosquito that served as vector agent for the eggs, although bot flies can create infestation by mere landing on unbroken skin. The eggs then traveled through her bloodstream and unfortunately for her, of all the places on her body, the hatched larvae, who live near the surface where they create a hole because they need to breathe, settled on her vulva.

Fucking bot flies, seriously. Like there’s not enough bullshit people have to deal with already.

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