Video: Three University Students Arrested For Acting P0rn In The Bush


vlcsnap-2014-09-26-15h39m35s131Three students has been arrested in Nigeria after a video leaked online purported to be them acting pornography in the bush to be given to an Adult entertainment company abroad for hard cash. Now the latest business in town for young students in a lot of universities in Africa is to engage in such trade. The amount offered are huge and so these students are tempted to involve themselves in these acts. The police and the security agencies are very alert of such development and would not spare any culprit in such cases should they find one.

Folks, what do you all think about this things entering Africa? Should we condemn or allow human rights to take its course? Left to me alone, I would suggest we castrate such people from our society to retain sanity for our young children. Or what do you think? The video is below:


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