Video: Syrian Opposition Leader Caught on Camera Raping His Granddaughter (18+)


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A man named Sheikh Mohammed Qasim Alnasoh – Syrian opposition leader and one of the elders in eastern countryside of Idlib was caught on camera allegedly raping his granddaughter named Yusra Mohamed Rachid Ezzo. Apparently, girl he was having doggy style sex with in a hole indeed is his granddaughter, but whether she was raped, or paid to open up her labia for him shriveled peen is not so clear to me. People who filmed the video say she was raped.

The above is a translation by an Arabic speaker. I tried Bing Translator from Arabic first, and got this:

You welcomed him and how he was killed, one of the elders of the Eastern countryside of Idlib mosques called by Sheikh Mohammad Qasim sincere and who became the so-called Revolution Commander and companions the ahbab Al Jazeera that his death is and the granddaughter of the regime’s crimes against their religion and icons as a war crime. In this section, the identity of the slain and the identity of the killer and you judge what to do so-called Sheikh and tone his killers. I repeat my apology was.

Yeah, trying to get Arabic right is a bitch. The video is below. The girl is indeed pretty. I’d strapon dildo her too:

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