Video: Download A Copy Of The Koforidua Roman Hospital Sex Scandal


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snapshot115Rev. Brother George Castro Yankey, the medical director of the St. Joseph’s Hospital in Koforidua has been caught pants down in an alleged sex scandal with a married nurse of the medical facility.

According to Starr News’ investigations at the St. Joseph’s Hospital, the director has been implicated in several allegations of sexual harassment against his female staff, but has vehemently denied it on each occasion until he was caught on camera.

The video below by Star News revealed an undressed Yankey in the hall of a married nurse, who is a staff, in an attempt to have sexual intercourse with her to facilitate her promotion.

Rev Yankey has been accused on several occasions for his sexual and immoral advances at female staff at the medical facility and rumours were ripe as to his taking some of them to bed.

The medical director this time allegedly demanded for sex with the nurse, who is a married woman before he appended his signature to her promotion letter. The director was said to have refused to approve the promotion because the nurse in question turned down his request. In her frustration, the said nurse broke the news of the sexual harassments to her husband.

The couple then deployed a strategy which would see the nurse agree to Rev Yankey’s request. The plan included, the medical director coming to the matrimonial home of the nurse in her husband’s absence on the pretence that she had fallen for the request of the priest, hence must come home to satisfy his libido.

On the said day, Rev Yankey quickly jumped on board his official vehicle and drove to the matrimonial home of the nurse, hoping the husband was out of town as agreed. In the video, after some pleasantries, the medical director undressed whilst looking forward to a memorable sexual encounter only for the nurse’s husband show up.

The damning video captured the wretched medical director on his knees begging for clemency. Whilst pleading, the accountant at the hospital unknowingly called the director’s mobile phone on a separate issue only for the nurse’s husband to pick the line and divulge the embarrassing ordeal of the director to him.

According to Star News, the accountant then drove there with other officials to plead and promised to pay over GHS 400,000 compensation to the couple which they refused.

Rev. Bro Yankey, when contacted on phone, refused to grant an interview saying the case was with the police and pleaded that the story must not go public.

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