#Trending Issues: Everything you need to know about Eno Barony vs Sista Afia and Medikal’s ‘beef’


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What men can do, they say women can do better.

There is an ongoing fracas between Ghanaian female rapper Eno Barony and singer Sista Afia as well as rapper Medikal which has recently shaken the entertainment industry.

The whole ‘beef’ issue started when Sista Afia dropped a song titled ‘W.M.T.’ to diss Sister Derby for still flirting with Medikal on social media whiles Medikal is now married to Fela Makafui.

In the 3 minutes 16 seconds video, Sista Afia said Deborah should look to date her size if she wants marriage and stop tagging her ex as ‘sweet ex’.

Akuapem Polo on the other hand had her fair share of the ‘beef’ as her name was also mentioned in Sista Afia’s W.M.T diss track with Sista Afia claiming Akuapem Polo has been going round saying her boyfriend has been snatched by the female singer.

Akuapem Polo as usual didn’t take it lightly and went to instagram to make a one minute video.

In her instagram video, she said that Fella is behind Sista Afia’s diss track but Fella should watch out because Sista Afia is rather her enemy and not Sister Derby because Sista Afia has slept with Medikal.

After Akuapem Polo’s video, this is what Fella wrote on twitter indicating certain irrelevant issues is not worth her time:

Sista Afia also had this to say about Akuapem Polo on Instagram…

As usual Akuapem Polo did not waste time and recorded this 3 mins video dissing Sista Afia for telling her to get dressed because she has been naked for long:

Just as we thought the ‘beef’ had died down, rap goddess Eno Barony joined the bandwagon by jabbing Sista Afia on her instagram page:

She did not stop there but also dropped a diss song titled ‘rap goddess’ in response to Sista Afia’s diss music.

After Eno’s ‘Rap goddess’ song, Sista Afia also dropped this one titled ‘U got nerves’ in response to Eno Barony’s ‘rap goddess’ track.

Eno too followed suit with ‘Argument done’ which is a jab to Medikal for writing Sista Afia’s rap for her if not Sista Afia wouldn’t have the lyrical strength to ‘beef’ her.

So as it stands now, Eno Barony has called Medikal out but his response has got a lot of people bashing him for disrespecting the female gender.

Less than 24 hours after Medikal’s tweet, Eno has dropped this hot track in response to Medikal referring to her as a corpse and its on fire…

So as it stands now, who is in the comfortable lead? Who is going to win this battle? How will this end?

Well we are all curious to know so keep watching this space.

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