Sakawa: Woman Reveals Secrets


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sakawaInformation gathered by Daily Heritage has revealed that hundreds of the country’s unemployed graduates are resorting to internet fraud popularly known as ‘sakawa’ due to frustration and humiliation they are suffering at the hands of relatives and friends.

The phenomenon is gradually gaining grounds in the major city centres at the time the president is making frantic effort in fighting the canker through the various security agencies.

According to some of the graduates who spoke to the Daily Heritage, the devilish act has come about based on the strict laid down specifications employers look out for before they employ a new graduate.

Narrating her ordeal of five years of joblessness after graduation from one of the public universities, Stella Akosua Amoako said it is strenuous securing employment, particularly, without any working experience as a fresh graduate.

“Judging from these frustrations from employers, I couldn’t withstand the pressure from society, so I was introduced to the internet business by some male counterparts who were steep deep in the business and within a month I was making hundreds of dollars,” she recounted.

Miss Amoako said they went through spiritual pacification from different spiritualists in order to fortify themselves to be in a position to attract a white male friend or female lesbians.

She continued that they were asked to bring dead human skull to increase the potency of their power in order to lure one’s victim into releasing whatever amount is demanded from him.

“We have to change necklace upon necklace, hand bangles and beads to keep the power and the conversation stronger and stronger each week in order to stay connected,” she confessed.

After years of practice, she confessed to this reporter that “I want to quit and pursue my dream of becoming a civil servant, but all my effort is not yielding any result.”

The internet fraudster accused politicians, employers and highly influential people in society who often resort to protocol in selecting candidates for a particular job to deprive suitable applicants of the opportunity.

She claimed she was once asked to pay GH¢600.00 before being given an appointment into a local government institution into a local government institution in the capital.

“As a fresh graduate how do they expect me to get that kind of money to pay?” Miss Amoako asked.

Source: Daily Heritage

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