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ANGELINA Jolie didn’t buy a heart-shaped Petra Island as a gift for Brad Pitt’s 50th birthday — despite reports to the contrary.
Although it was claimed Jolie paid $20 million for the island, the owners of the paradise retreat — which is 50 miles north of Manhattan in the middle of Lake Mahopac in Putnam County — say it’s still up for sale.
The island is owned by Joseph and Barbara Massaro. Their daughter Donna told New York Post gossip column Page Six that they listed it for sale four months ago but have yet to receive an offer. It includes two homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
“I don’t have any idea where that [report] came from,” Massaro said. “The family threw it out there to see if anyone was interested, and so far no [potential buyers] have [come forward].”
Meanwhile, Pitt and Jolie are having issues with their kids!
The pair recently hit the red carpet with their 12-year-old son Maddox — leaving their other kids, led by 9-year-old Pax, up in arms about not getting equal time with their parents, reports the National Enquirer.
“The gala event was a great showcase for Maddox,” said an insid­er. “But at home all hell broke loose.
“Angie’s kids are jealous of every bit of attention any one of them gets over the other. And seeing mommy and daddy with Maddox on the red carpet put the rest into mini-diva mode. It was a revolt, and now the household is in an uproar.
“Film commitments have kept Brad and Angie apart, and when they do get together, Maddox seems to get all their attention.”

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