‘Protect Girls Of Tamale Sex Scandal’


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IMG-20140810-WA0003The President of the Concerned Citizens Association of Tamale (CCAT), Basharu Alhassan dabali has called on the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection to, as matter of urgency, come to the aid of girls captured in the videos of infamous Tamale scandal.

The intervention of the ministry, he observed, was critical given the ordeal the said women have gone through lately, with reports suggesting some attempted suicide.

There is the urgent need for the girls in particular to undergo some counseling in order to avert any calamity.

Speaking to the media in Tamale, Mr. Dabali appealed to the Ministry to launch full-scale investigations into the matter to unravel the source of the leaked tape and block the transmitting of the pictures and videos.

“We are calling on the Gender, Children and Social Protection Ministry to at least institute an investigation into this particular act and if they can block further pictures from been posted on the social media it will be good for us as a people,” he remarked.

The CCAT chairman explained that a lot of people would be affected psychologically, especially the said womenmarried and single, who were captured in the videos.

Some parents of the said women have appealed to the better nature of residents to desist from further circulating the pornographic photos and videos.

One of the parents, who spoke to Accra-based Citi Fm on condition of anonymity, apologized to Ghanaians on behalf her daughter, describing the event as shameful.

He maintained that efforts must be made to prevent further circulation of the pornographic photos and videos.

He said the persistent circulation of the pornographic photos and videos on social media platforms, in particular, might encourage the majority of the youth to replicate the immoral act. “As Muslims and Christians we do not need to encourage it because it is an indictment on our women and even the men as well, so I am appealing to the general public to put an end to it so that the youth can concentrate on their studies and marriage,” he remarked.

He observed that episode had embarrassed the entire nation and offended the sensibilities of citizens.



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