A Prostitute With 2 Sex Organs exposed in Accra (Photo)


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 downThe world is indeed coming to an end, or how else can you describe this story. It is a story of a teenage commercial sex worker in Ghana who has two sex organs; a huge hairy penis and a small hairless vagina.
The prostitute, or commercial sex worker, as human rights activists will want us to call them, does not allow his/her hermaphrodite condition affect his/her trade at all and seems to have developed a nice way of hiding it from his/her clients.
The teenage sex worker offers sex for money at the Kwame Nkrumah circle environs in Accra, where he/she dresses like a female. Not having breasts, he/she uses a bra stuffed with artificial breasts.
Reports say he/she allows his/her clients to enjoy his/her ‘service’ only from behind in a sex position popularly known as ‘doggy style’, and that during sex, he/she always uses his/her palms to cover his/her male organ so as to hide it.

He/she however got caught about two weeks ago when, after one of his/her service, the male client refused to pay for services rendered. The misunderstanding resulted in a fight that drew the attention of others, leading to the gathering of a crowd.

The incident happened at the Odawna new market at the Kwame Nkrumah circle but the customer however managed to meander his way through the crowd, leaving the sex worker to the sympathy of onlookers.
The market women, out of sympathy, asked the teenage sex worker, who reportedly looked dirty after his/her struggle with the man, to take a bath at a public bathhouse nearby.

By then, reports had gone round that a man had refused to pay a teenage sex worker who had just serviced him so more people trooped to the place to catch a glimpse of the sex worker. One of such curious persons, a woman, even bought some second hand clothes for the sex worker and went to the bathroom to hand them over to ‘her, only to realize that the sex worker had a penis dangling in front of him and had no breast on his chest.

The woman raised an alarm and more people trooped to the bathhouse to see for themselves whether what their ears were hearing could be true and it was then that he/she showed them his/her female sex organ as well.

According to the sex worker, though he/she had a penis, it did not erect and that he/she enjoyed sex only with the female organ.
One of the market women reportedly took the sex worker away in her private car. The said market woman is said to be the leader of the Association of Market Women at the Circle Odawna Market.

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