Photos: Ugandan Popular TV Presenter Anita Fabiola Naked Pictures Leaked


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1432324045presenter Anita Fabiola Kyarimpa is the latest victim of leaked nud3s as her photos are making rounds on social media.

The rumour of someone being in possession of the images first made rounds earlier this year after Fabiola’s phone went missing in January. A blackmailer apparently kept sending the nudes to her WhatsApp number, asking for money.

Fabiola apparently paid Shs2m but in a surprise twist, the blackmailer kept asking for more money. A source close to Fabiola tells us that he wanted about Shs8m which the 2013 Miss Uganda first runner-up couldn’t raise.

Next thing she new, the photos were in the newspapers and all over WhatsApp groups.

The photos appear to have been taken by Fabiola herself in her shower with the aid of a mirror. The only thing she was wearing was a purple shower cap to protect her expensive Brazilian weave as she showered.

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