Photos: Techno Phone Seller, David Caught Sleeping With Married Woman


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Daud-Mpenda-via-Rahatupu-5-1024x768Sometimes its hard to understand some women and men. What do people find in infidelity and cheating apart from big disgrace? How can a married woman be going around and sleeping with people? Why should you force yourself to tie the knot with one man when you know you can not stick with that man alone?

Well, a married woman was caught making out in a broad day light at a techno phone selling shop with the caretaker of the shop when they were caught by the woman’s husband who had detected a long time that his wife was sleeping around. Check out the pictures that was taken below:

Daud-Mpenda-via-Rahatupu_Blog_-1024x768 Daudi-Mpenda-Rahatupu_Blog_ Daud-Mpenda-via-Rahatupu-1-1024x768 Daud-Mpenda-via-Rahatupu-2-1024x768 Daud-Mpenda-via-Rahatupu-3-1024x768 Daud-Mpenda-via-Rahatupu-5-1024x768

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