Photos: Second Phase Of Kumasi Abrafi Nakked Pictures

IMG-20150331-WA0069Here are the second phase of the kumasi Abrafi naked pictures we unleashed yesterday. The second video too will come soon during the day. As we said the videos are about 8 or 9 in numbers so you have to follow every video and pictures as it comes.

Well, As we always say, You can do that your private thing and keep it. it is private so you must keep
it as private. Protect it and let it stay private. If you let it come out, then it means you don’t want
it as private again. It then becomes public.

There is only one Anthem or sentence we know an believe in and that’s what we always say to those who
accuses us of doing wrong by exposing these people who do not have respect for our culture.

And that is ” If you don’t want anybody body to see your nakked picture, there is only one thing to do
to stop it from going out there. ‘STOP TAKING NAKKED PICTURES AND NOBODY CAN SEE.

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