Photos: Rose Akusika From Kumasi Scheming Guys Out Of Their Money with Nakked Pics On Badoo


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IMG-20141203-WA0009A guy has reported some nakked pictures to us from the popular dating site badoo about a girl he met there who claims to be a student of KNUST level 200 computer science student  and who has been scheming her way out of men with nakked photos. Below is what he has reported the photos

I met this girl by name ROSE AKUSIKA NYAMETSO on badoo, from Suame in Kumasi, she claims to be a Computer Science Student,Level [email protected], We began chatting, the chat got to advance stage,then I asked that she visits me,she started demanding for Transportation, Before then her number 0246440412,I tried calling but it doesn’t go through, its only active in whatsapp, I questioned her,she gave a flimsy response, I started receiving naked photos and other photos from this girl. Immediately I realized what she was doing on Badoo. [email protected]

Guys need to be careful on this dating thing online. The other time, another reported a girl on Ghanaweb dating site who had taken a lot of money from him but he is yet to see her. now, they are all over looking for people to make them mugu.


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