Photos: Millicent Do Yawa, Nakked Selfies Leaked Online


Note: Empressleak will never contact you to demand money in order not to release your leak or secret. You only pay for penalty if you want your already released leak removed. Empressleak does not work with anybody who will contact you. Empressleak does not contact people (you will have to contact Empressleak). If you are contacting Empressleak, make sure its only the official number (+233267321783) which is displayed up there on this website. Apart from this number, any other number that contacts you is scam. Don’t fall victim to blackmailers and scam.

IMG-20141008-WA0010Let the ladies all know that empressleak is back and for the few days that we left for maintenance and upgrade, a lot of girls has started the dirty things ad harassment again and we want to announce our return from he 4 day break so thy should be careful. Some boys too has joined in the dirty game on twitter and we have gotten their pictures and names. We would be leaking them soon from now.

The first lady who is on the seat for our reurn is called Millicent who took her naked selfies and sent across on whatsapp to her friend’s guy then we got hold of them. Check them out below.

PICTURE 1         PICTURE 2      PICTURE 3

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