Photos: Look At Things some Women are Willing To Do Just To Be Popular


olive-1Women, Women, Women! You can Live with them, you Can’t live without them! Women “Run” the world. Women “Run” the economy and men, like it or not, Women RUN You! A woman is a very strong being. Strong in the sense that what she wants, she will get. She will get it like it or not. It doesn’t matter how strong of a man you are or you think you are, a woman will always have her way.

Great men in history have been brought down by WOMEN. Great Presidents, Scholars, Politicians, Priests….the list goes on and on. Women are manipulative. Women are crafty and very witty. The power of a woman should never be underestimated.

The thirst of a woman too, should not be underestimated. Especially the thirst to become popular. The thirst to get all eyes on her and to be the “Show Stopper”. Of late, women are doing the scariest of things just to be noticed. Wearing crazy clad that you can’t even think of wearing even when alone, taken crazy pictures and posting them online just for “Cheap” fame and Clubbing wearing nothing but what I call “Handkerchiefs”

Ratchetness has seen a drastic increase especially in Kenya where young Campus and High School girls club wearing “Handkerchiefs”, take trashy pictures and instantly Instagram them to their “fans” (Hungry Wolves/ #TeamMafisi).

Ratchetness is a disease that is spreading faster than Ebola and whose effects leave many shocked. Take a look at a these ratchet photos of beautiful ladies who would do anything just to be popular:

olive-2 olive-3 olive-4



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