Photos: Kumasi Lady, Abrafi’s Bad Pictures She Snapped Gets Leaked


IMG-20150331-WA0056We have series of photos and videos of a certain lady who hails from Kumasi doing bad and disgusting things on phone camera for God knows what reason she did that for. But Our possible guess is to send to a man. What is these obsession for taking naked pictures and videos and sending to men?

Well, As we always say, You can do that your private thing and keep it. it is private so you must keep it as private. Protect it and let it stay private. If you let it come out, then it means you don’t want it as private again. It then becomes public.

We will bring you all the pictures and the videos, but since they are many, we will be bringing it in parts, so make sure you follow every part that will come. After this pictures, one video will follow today.



The Download button is on the video screen after you click play (Don’t Use Opera Mini or UC browsers) Use Google Chrome or Firefox browsers

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