Photos: Guy Leaks His Girlfriend’s Pregnancy Naked Pictures Online Because She Left Him


IMG-20140930-WA0002I found this conversation between myself and this guy very amusing and I could not understand what this guy wanted to do. I asked him, why do you want to leak out the nakked pictures of a pregnant lady you claim is your girlfriend? I was even more surprised when he revealed that the pregnancy is his. Then what could trigger this thing the guy wanted to do?

The reason this guy gave me is that the girl has left him with the pregnancy. She says she does not love him anymore. I said unbelievable, How can you lie down, have s3x with a guy, get pregnant for him then you realized you don’t love him? Is this normal? The reason why she does not love him again is because of the pregnancy, and I ask, in what way could a girl lost affection for a guy because he got her pregnant?

He gave the lady’s name as Grace and she hails from Tarkwa in the western part of the country.



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