Photos: Florence Tuffour’s From Offinso College Of Education Nakked Selfies Leaked


IMG-20141107-WA0029They say no matter what we say, they will always do what they want irrespective of what effect it will have on our society. Well, you can do it. Nobody is saying do not do it, like no body forces someone to steal. But make sure when you do it, you don’t bring it out. Make sure you protect it and do not bring it out. Because if it comes out, we will help you spread it.

This girl who refused to heed to advice not to do it, or not to bring it out when she did it is from Kumsi, a student of Offinso College of Education. She wants to spread it and we are just helping her. We think, after helping her spread it, she will stop such disgraceful things.



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