Photos: Bridgette From Adenta Pictures Leaked By Ex-Boyfriend (Part 2)


IMG-20140820-WA0029-500x500On the 26th, a guy leaked the nakked pics of his ex-girl online from adenta, a sub of accra for jilting him. We have just realized that this guy is still posting a lot of the pictures online and these are more explicit than the first ones.

Well, viewers and leakers, what do you say about this? Is this guy right for leaking something that is suppose to be mutual and private agreement between two lovers out to the public domain?

What could this girl have done to this boy to warrant such a disgrace? And why in the first place should the girl agree to this nasty photoshoot? hmmmmmmm.

PICTURE 1      PICTURE 2      PICTURE 3      PICTURE 4        PICTURE 5       PICTURE 6       PICTURE 7

PICTURE 8        PICTURE 9   PICTURE 10   PICTURE 11      


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