New Photos: Exclusive New Photos From The Tamale Sex Scandal (20 Pix)


01-2282Another Scandal emerging from the camp of the man involved in the Tamale diabolical scandal by duping the nation of a huge sum of money and running to Canada has prompted the release of a new set of pictures of his sexual escapade with the female residents of the tamale township from an unknown source.

This pictures are 20 in numbers and are a lot explicit. Go down and click the link one after the other to view the various new pictures.

PICTURE 1      PICTURE 2       PICTURE 3        PICTURE 4       PICTURE 5     PICTURE 6        PICTURE 7        


PICTURE  8      PICTURE 9       PICTURE  10       PICTURE 11         PICTURE 12       PICTURE  13       PICTURE  14    


PICTURE 15       PICTURE 16         PICTURE 17         PICTURE 18          PICTURE 19 

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