Guy Finds S3x Pictures Of His Girlfriend And Another Guy On Her Phone And Collapsed


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IMG-20141017-WA0027No wonder guys are now so wicked on girls like that. A guy approached us and sent us a lot of s3x pictures of his girlfriend from Mampong-Kumasi who he claims is having s3x with a guy in the pictures and the guy is not him. He said he collapsed initially because of the love he had for the girl and was prepared to do everything for her.

He narrated the story that this girl who is called Grace Amaniampong started behaving strangely towards him almost a year into their relationship and refused to visit him as she used to initially. He inquired about her sudden change of character and out of no offence committed, this girl got angry. It was then that he started getting worried and paid a visit to her un-announced the following day to go and apologize for any wrong he had done probably unknown to him that might had caused her sudden change in character.

He said he met her room empty and heard water splashing in the bathhouse so she was obviously bathing. He decided to make himself comfortable and wait for her return while he plays on her phone which she had left on the center table. As he was playing on the phone, he eventually went to the camera pictures and lo and behold, S3x pictures of the girl and another guy who he could not see the face, but knew that it was not him. He said, he bluetoothed the pictures and waited impatiently for the girl and when she finally came back from the bathroom and saw the guy watching the pictures, hell broke loose and she started raining insults on him for going through her phone while she was away and also coming to her place un-announced.

It was then that it dawned on him that the girl was seeing another guy. He collapsed and gained consciousness after water was poured on him. He left and decided to also teach her a lesson she would never forget in her entire life again. Below are samples of the images he sent us this morning.



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