Exposed: Kumasi Guy Tells Lover To Give Him Child From Another Man, She Refused, He Leaks Her Nude Photos


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IMG-20150529-WA0006There has been a twist to the story of the leaked photos and videos of Victoria, a kumasi girl as she also exposes the guy who released her naked pictures online. She contacted the management of and gave her side of the story.

From Her explanation, This guy called Johnson had a problem fathering a child due to an accident he was involved in. He has been pestering her to get pregnant for him from another man which she refused and is still refusing as its against her religion and morals. And that led to the release of her naked pictures from this guy. Below are the evidence she sent:


[7:12am, 5/28/2015] ‪+233 24 262 4898‬: [24/3 19:47] Prince Johnson: Hey
[24/3 19:47] Prince Johnson: You have decided not to chat me anymore right
[24/3 19:47] Prince Johnson: You wil start beging me very soon
[24/3 19:48] Prince Johnson: I have added all your friends on facebook
[24/3 19:48] Prince Johnson: I will tag your pics and videos to them
[24/3 19:48] Prince Johnson: You will regret going awwy from me byee
[24/3 19:48] Prince Johnson: Wil put it on youtube
[24/3 19:48] Prince Johnson: Ghana leak
[24/3 19:48] Prince Johnson: Google
[24/3 19:48] Prince Johnson: And joy news
[24/3 19:48] Prince Johnson: Everybody wil see ya
[24/3 20:29] Ama Nyantekyewa: Sorry i just saw ur txt
[24/3 20:32] Ama Nyantekyewa: Do what u think is right. If u think tagging those videos is right. Pls go ahead
[24/3 20:32] Ama Nyantekyewa: I did it out of love and if its how u want to pay me. Fine
[24/3 20:33] Prince Johnson: I dont care
[24/3 20:33] Ama Nyantekyewa: Thanks and God richly bless u
[24/3 20:33] Prince Johnson: Since you have also let me down i will do same to you
[24/3 20:33] Prince Johnson: Byee
[24/3 20:33] Ama Nyantekyewa: Ok
[24/3 20:33] Prince Johnson: Just by tye close of the day you will see it on the internet
[24/3 20:34] Ama Nyantekyewa: Let me activate my fb account and u can happily add my friends
[24/3 20:34] Prince Johnson: Let me send it to your sister first you know how serious i am
[24/3 20:34] Ama Nyantekyewa: Ok
[24/3 20:35] Prince Johnson: I have already added them
[24/3 20:35] Ama Nyantekyewa: Ok
[24/3 20:35] Ama Nyantekyewa: God bless u then
[24/3 20:35] Ama Nyantekyewa: I don’t blame u but myself so go ahead
[24/3 20:35] Ama Nyantekyewa: Its how u call love
[24/3 20:36] Prince Johnson: Ok wwtch me
[24/3 20:36] Ama Nyantekyewa: God bless u so much
[24/3 20:36] Prince Johnson: Am going ahead since you said
[24/3 20:36] Ama Nyantekyewa: I don’t think u will do it
[24/3 20:37] Prince Johnson: Ok
[24/3 20:37] Prince Johnson: Lets see
[24/3 20:37] Ama Nyantekyewa: But if u will ,
[24/3 20:37] Ama Nyantekyewa: I will not blame u
[24/3 20:42] Ama Nyantekyewa: Will u be happy after doing all that
[24/3 20:43] Prince Johnson: Am sending the video to her its downloading
[24/3 20:43] Ama Nyantekyewa: Ok
[24/3 20:43] Prince Johnson: Ask her i just messages her
[24/3 20:43] Prince Johnson: And am about sending it
[24/3 20:44] Prince Johnson: After it will be all over the internet
[24/3 20:44] Ama Nyantekyewa: Ok
[24/3 20:44] Ama Nyantekyewa: I don’t ve so much to say
[24/3 20:44] Ama Nyantekyewa: I respect ur decision
[24/3 20:45] Ama Nyantekyewa: If u think it the right thing to do
[24/3 20:45] Ama Nyantekyewa: Lastly , am sorry i ve to leave , u pushed me away
[24/3 20:46] Ama Nyantekyewa: And paying me back is what u want
[24/3 20:46] Ama Nyantekyewa: Fine
[24/3 20:46] Prince Johnson: Am sending the video so no need for explanations
[24/3 20:46] Ama Nyantekyewa: Ok
[24/3 20:46] Prince Johnson: I give you two options to choose one
[24/3 20:47] Ama Nyantekyewa: U want a child badly yet u are destroying what someone has taken yrs to nature
[24/3 20:47] Prince Johnson: Get pregnant for me so i come and marry you and we continue the relation so o cancel the video
[24/3 20:47] Prince Johnson: Secondly pay 2,000 cedis to my family to compensate me
[24/3 20:47] Ama Nyantekyewa: Do u think God will answer u
[24/3 20:48] Prince Johnson: Am waiting the video is 52percent
[24/3 20:48] Ama Nyantekyewa: What
[24/3 20:48] Ama Nyantekyewa: Jesus christ
[24/3 20:48] Ama Nyantekyewa: Is this what all these was about
[24/3 20:48] Ama Nyantekyewa: To black mail me
[24/3 20:49] Prince Johnson: Waiting
[24/3 20:49] Prince Johnson: 54
[24/3 20:49] Ama Nyantekyewa: Ooo Jesus christ
[24/3 20:50] Prince Johnson: Its downloading so since you dont have any option let it continue loading
[24/3 20:50] Ama Nyantekyewa: Pls go ahead with the video. Today u win but tomorrow someone will win
[24/3 20:50] Prince Johnson: Ok
[24/3 20:50] Prince Johnson: Byee
[24/3 20:58] Ama Nyantekyewa: Well done for sending the pictures to mavis
[24/3 20:58] Ama Nyantekyewa: God will really bless u
[24/3 21:00] Prince Johnson: Go to facebook now
[24/3 21:00] Prince Johnson: Its downloading there
[24/3 21:01] Ama Nyantekyewa: No
[24/3 21:01] Ama Nyantekyewa: I believe u now
[24/3 21:02] Ama Nyantekyewa: God
[24/3 21:02] Prince Johnson: Your friend will stary calling you
[24/3 21:02] Prince Johnson: Its downloading
[24/3 21:02] Prince Johnson: 20percent
[24/3 21:02] Ama Nyantekyewa: Thanks
[24/3 21:02] Ama Nyantekyewa: I can’t stop u
[24/3 21:03] Ama Nyantekyewa: Cos it what u want
[24/3 21:03] Prince Johnson: Good
[24/3 21:03] Ama Nyantekyewa: I guess all this happening for a reason
[24/3 21:03] Ama Nyantekyewa: My heart was right after all
[24/3 21:04] Ama Nyantekyewa: Thanks
[24/3 21:05] Prince Johnson: Am doing it at ghana web too
[24/3 21:05] Prince Johnson: Will send you the link soon
[24/3 21:05] Prince Johnson: You will see it on youtube too
[24/3 21:06] Prince Johnson: 30percent
[24/3 21:06] Ama Nyantekyewa: Ooo prince
[24/3 21:07] Prince Johnson: If you choose one option i will cancel it
[24/3 21:07] Prince Johnson: Your sister is your relative so she can spred iy
[24/3 21:07] Prince Johnson: She is even beging me
[24/3 21:07] Ama Nyantekyewa: What option u want
[24/3 21:08] Ama Nyantekyewa: For me to commit suside
[24/3 21:09] Ama Nyantekyewa: U will hear of my death soon . I guess that will end everything
[24/3 21:09] Prince Johnson: Get pregrsnt
[24/3 21:09] Prince Johnson: For me
[24/3 21:09] Prince Johnson: Otherwise its in your own court
[24/3 21:09] Prince Johnson: 34percent
[24/3 21:10] Prince Johnson: Dont care
[24/3 21:14] Ama Nyantekyewa: I will be dead by morning cos i can’t take the disgrace
[24/3 21:14] Prince Johnson: I wil cancel it if you want
[24/3 21:14] Prince Johnson: I have given you options
[24/3 21:15] Ama Nyantekyewa: B4 i do that. I want u to know that i ve forgiven u.
[24/3 21:15] Prince Johnson: Ypur sister will never spread it but facebook and youtube as well as ghana web and joy news will do so
[24/3 21:15] Ama Nyantekyewa: I kept ur secret
[24/3 21:15] Ama Nyantekyewa: Safe
[24/3 21:15] Prince Johnson: Spread it
[24/3 21:16] Prince Johnson: Am going offline
[24/3 21:16] Ama Nyantekyewa: A secret is a secret
[24/3 21:16] Prince Johnson: So it it reflects there its your own fault cus you cant choose any option
[24/3 21:16] Prince Johnson: Later then
[24/3 21:16] Ama Nyantekyewa: I won’t be alive tomorrow
[24/3 21:17] Ama Nyantekyewa: My option is to die, cos u threating me now
[24/3 21:17] Ama Nyantekyewa: Means so much
[24/3 21:17] Prince Johnson: Rest in peace
[24/3 21:18] Ama Nyantekyewa: Am sorry for letting u do such things
[24/3 21:18] Ama Nyantekyewa: It meant to happen
[24/3 21:18] Ama Nyantekyewa: And i don’t blame u
[24/3 21:35] Prince Johnson: Are you dead
[24/3 21:35] Prince Johnson: 91percent
[24/3 21:36] Ama Nyantekyewa: U can confirm that frm my sister by tomorrow
[24/3 21:37] Prince Johnson: We gonna come for your funeral
[24/3 21:37] Ama Nyantekyewa: Ok
[24/3 21:37] Ama Nyantekyewa: Thanks

[7:18am, 5/28/2015] ‪+233 24 262 4898‬: [26/3 06:13] O lord: Let a fool like me advice u. Ve u thought digracing me and when am been questioned ur name and number and pictures and Godwin might appear in this whole case
[26/3 06:14] O lord: I do thank Godwin for making me see reason for not killing myself
[26/3 06:14] Prince Johnson: That your problem between you and him
[26/3 06:14] Prince Johnson: You all can go to hell
[26/3 06:14] O lord: Thank him for me
[26/3 06:15] Prince Johnson: Fuck you and him
[26/3 06:15] O lord: This can go far
[26/3 06:15] Prince Johnson: Fuck you all
[26/3 06:16] O lord: But it not necessary to me anymore
[26/3 06:16] Prince Johnson: Haha you very funn
[26/3 06:16] Prince Johnson: Let me post it there so you go sue me
[26/3 06:16] O lord: Unless u don’t work at totyota
[26/3 06:16] Prince Johnson: Go back to facebok and start recieving the comments from your friends
[26/3 06:16] Prince Johnson: And sue me
[26/3 06:17] O lord: Pls do what u think is right
[26/3 06:17] O lord: They ve their own opinion
[26/3 06:17] O lord: And i know myself well
[26/3 06:17] Prince Johnson: You are scared to go to facebook
[26/3 06:17] Prince Johnson: Haha
[26/3 06:18] O lord: So go ahead .
[26/3 06:18] O lord: Probably it was meant to be
[26/3 06:18] Prince Johnson: Come there and see it fir your self
[26/3 06:18] O lord: I trusted u much
[26/3 06:19] O lord: And respected u
[26/3 06:19] O lord: Have a fruitful day since u ve so much to do
[26/3 06:19] Prince Johnson: You are scared to go there
[26/3 06:19] Prince Johnson: I dare you

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