Cynthia From Achiase Involved In Fraudulent Scandal (Sending Nakked Pictures)


IMG-20140813-WA0009Well, To those who think what we are doing is wrong and has been asking, of what business is ours for exposing these people, I just want to ask them only one question and they should answer me at the comment section below. Of What business is the police for arresting thieves and robbers? after all it is not their property they stole.

Now, back to this story. This lady calls herself Cynthia and hails from Achiase in the Ashanti region. She decided to take pictures of her nakked body and send to a whiteman abroad for money and a promised sexual activities like they do to scam people now a days.

but unfortunately for her, the pictures got intercepted by her boyfriend who is now her ex-boyfriend and i got leaked. Cynthia claims that she got setup by her boyfriend who posed as a whiteman on the net.

As to whether it is true that it was a setup has not been confirmed at the time of this publication but our ears are on the ground waiting for the out come of the story and we will update you accordingly. Below is the leaked pictures:

PICTURE 1       PICTURE 2        PICTURE 3     PICTURE 4     PICTURE 5


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